Special Mission


If you read the book 'Hello, I am Gwen', you already know what the Secret Mission is, which you received by coming to earth.
This beautiful mission can be a big challenge as well! That is why it is important to help each other and sharing our experiences, ideas and questions with other children.
By for instance to share these articles, the link to our webshop and the hints underneath with others.
Together we will reach very far ❤


Solar Plexus Chakra


The first hint is about a chakra in your body. Do you already know what chakra’s are about?



Exercise with the Egg

The next hint also helps by protecting you from energies from other people and impressions from outside influences.




A Crystal Guardian

There's also a third hint. There is no exercise for this one but a beautiful crystal guardian, which you can wear as a necklace. It is especially made for children. This guardian is made of a kind of crystal (quartz) and is like a guardian angel.




Help from a therapist or coach

When you can use some extra support in life, you can also choose to see a therapist or a coach.




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