Help from a therapist or coach

When you can use some extra support in life, you can also choose to see a therapist or a coach. But please make sure, that you feel if this therapist or coach is the right one for you.

When you are talking to someone, you always have to follow your own feelings. Someone else does not always know best, and what is good for you. Even when this person is a grown up.

When someone is telling you something, what does not feel right, you are allowed to tell this person. And maybe even stop the conversation you are having.

What also could be wise, is to search for a therapist or a coach, who is highly sensitive her/himself as well. So someone who has experiences with being highly sensitive.



The book 'Hallo, I am Gwen' is written by Barbara Veer. And she herself is also highly sensitive.

When the information resonate with you, you can also receive coaching by Barbara. She can also guide (one of your parents.

You can ask for more information about coaching by Barbara through skype per email:

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