Crystal Guardian

Crystal Guardian

There's also a third hint. There is no exercise for this one but a beautiful crystal guardian, which you can wear as a necklace. It is especially made for children. This guardian is made of a kind of crystal (quartz) and is like a guardian angel.

What this crystal does, is protect you against influences from outside and from energies of other people. And is an extra help together with closing your Solar Plexus Chakra as well.

I have a beautiful silver necklace myself and together I wear them every day.

In the book ‘Hello, I am Gwen' you can read that the 'crystal guardian is a daily companion of mine. It gives me a daily protection against influences from the surroundings and energies from others. I really feel the protection and this is just very handy for highly sensitive children.

Because highly sensitive children are feeling already so much from within and besides that also from other people.

This crystal guardian gives me extra support by intense and exciting situations and even when I want to speak out my will and feelings.

The crystal guardian is a nice addition to the book. Your inside will be extra protected by against the outside!

A 'Guardian Angel' for all day!

Do you also want to use this crystal guardian?

Take a look in the webshop from It is only available for Europe at this moment.

It is also possible to buy the guardian in combination with the book, that is a nice and cheaper combination!

Press here for more information.

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