The Exercise with the Egg

The next hint also helps by protecting you from energies from other people and impressions from outside influences.

And this one is also very simple. It is the exercise with the egg.


Take a nice seat or just keep standing up. Whatever you prefer. And close your eyes.

Imagine yourself a very big egg, that's around your body. So you are sitting or standing inside it. You can give this egg a colour which you like best and which feels safe for you. You can also decorate it, with for instance flowers or stars. You can make it any way you want.

When your egg is done, you imagine, that this egg will be filled up with a beautiful energy or light. This light is your own energy. It belongs to you.

When your egg is completely filled, imagine, that all energies from outside of the egg, really do stay outside. These energies cannot come in and touch you. You are protected against energies and influences from the outside.

You can put this egg around you at any moment you like. Like for instance when you go to school.

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