Solar Plexus Chakra


The first hint is about a chakra in your body. Do you already know what chakra’s are? These are tiny wheels who are turning around at specific places in the body. These wheels are not visible with your own eyes.

They are also energetic, just like your ‘little me’ .

Some people can see chakra’s. They can see them with their ‘third eye’, which I told you about earlier in this book. The third eye is also shown in the picture, by the Third Eye Chakra.

In this picture you see seven chakra’s. When you're ready, you can investigate more about the meanings of these chakra’s yourself. This hint, I will only tell you about the ‘Solar Plexus Chakra’ (yellow dot).

This chakra or this little wheel is situated just above your navel. Just about the size of the thickness of your thumb above your navel.

And do you know what you experience through the Solar Plexus Chakra? You will feel through this chakra a lot of impressions and energies from other people that are entering your body!

It's really good to know, because this is the exact spot, where you are receiving much through, especially when you are being highly sensitive. It is just like a little door.

Would it not be great if you could close this little door once in a while? When you go to school for instance, or to the supermarket or sport club?

I can already hear you think, HOW? Because this would be great!

You can do this by trying the following exercise.


Have you ever tried opening or closing a lid from a jar of jam? You probably have! Well, that is exactly the movement you will need.

When you put your thumb just above your navel, you will find your Solar Plexus Chakra directly above it. When you find the right spot, you do the exact closing movement as with the jam jar at this spot. Make this movement three times in a row. Try it yourself, see if you can close this lid or little door!

You need to make the movement clockwise. So take a good look at the clock and in which direction the pointers are going.

Practice this by placing both hands on the spot where the chakra is and press a bit firmly. Not to firm, but also not too soft.

And you are done!

That wasn’t that difficult, was it? Keep feeling if this exercise feels nice for you or not. You can choose yourself if you want to use it or not.

This exercise I do every morning, especially on a school day.

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